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Erotic Lexicon


To put it put simply, this means sex. The abbreviation for intercourse is GV (Geschlechtsverkehr in German)

French eroticism

With French eroticism also known as French, this means oral sex, where the man or the lady satisfies their partner using the mouth.

Deep throat

is the name for oral intercourse, where the woman takes the man's whole penis in her mouth as deep as possible. In many cases the tip of the penis touches the lady's throat.


is ejaculation, i.e. sperm, on the lady's face. Many men are excited by seeing ejaculated semen on the lady's face.

Semen on the body

i.e. ejaculation on the lady's body. Gentlemen find the breasts or the bum very popular for this. If the man wants to ejaculate (come) on the lady's face, this is an extra service (see 'Facial').

69er position

In this position the woman sits backwards on top of the man and satisfies the man orally. At the same time the man satisfies the lady orally.


Hand job

is using the hand to satisfy the penis. The woman cannot do much wrong with this stimulation of the penis. The hand job can be done with or without lubricant. However using lube is somewhat more sensual and more pleasant.

Girlfriend experience


This is a preference for a certain type of relationship, which includes kissing, cuddling, closeness and intimacy as with a trusted partner.

Greek eroticism

is code for anal intercourse. Here the penis is not put into the lady's vagina as is usual, but into the anus. It is advised that you proceed carefully, as the skin and also musculature in this area is very sensitive. Lubricant is a MUST for anal intercourse. Particular care should also be taken with hygiene. The condom should definitely be changed when swapping from the anus to the vagina.

Sex toys

are objects, which the lady brings on request to provide extra stimulation for her or her partner during lovemaking. The selection of toys nowadays is enormous. Vibrators, love balls or dildos are the most common objects owned by women.

Spanish eroticism

also known as mammary intercourse. Here the penis is massaged between the lady's breasts. The woman's breasts are then pushed together – usually until the man reaches climax. The use of lubricant with Spanish is recommended. This makes the whole thing more pleasant and nicer. It is not true that Spanish is only possible with large breasts. If her breasts are not as large, the lady can use her hands to help. Place the hands on the breasts, so that the palms form a roof over the penis. This feels even better for the man. Just give it a try J


covers a wide area. Here the woman and man share tender moments. It includes close physical contact, for example lying in the other person's arms.

French kissing

is a particular type of kissing. With this the partners' tongues touch. Both partners open their mouths and the tongues enter the partner's mouth. During a French kiss sexual hormones and feelings of happiness are released, which often also increases sexual desire.

Dirty talk

is also known as verbal eroticism. For many people even talking has an effect on sexual arousal. If one partner likes dirty talk, then silence is definitely not golden! Quite the opposite, dirty talk is supposed to make the sex less inhibited and so 'steamier'. Role-playing during dirty talk helps express more relaxed, filthier things. Words like "give it to me" and much more can be used here. Imagination has no limits.

Cuddly sex

also known as vanilla sex. Lots of tenderness is exchanged. The main thing is being close physically. With this type of sex, you should take your time and engage the senses. Romance is the most important thing.


this involves oral stimulation of the scrotum. This can be indulged using the tongue, but light sucking can be pleasant for many gentlemen. As each man has a different level of sensitivity, this should be discussed before it starts getting painful for the partner.


often brings a breath of fresh air into the bedroom or secret fantasies can be fulfilled by playing roles. Ideas for role-playing can be very different, but could start with the secretary, doctor or job applicant. The fantasies may be expressed openly.

Erotic massage

The man or the woman is massaged erotically by the partner. As an escort lady is not a trained masseuse, please note that this will just involve a massage purely for relaxation.

Sexy underwear

The lady wears lingerie. If gentlemen have specific wishes, we are happy to pass this on to the lady.


An erotic dance where the lady removes her clothing piece by piece.

Golden shower

Here one partner urinates on the other. Active and passive is an important distinction here. The active part is the person, who urinates and the passive person, the one who receives it. It is agreed in advance where this should take place. The abbreviation for this is NS ('Natur Sekt' in German, meaning 'natural champagne'). The ladies on our homepage only offer this service as the active partner.

Tantric massage

is a massage ritual, where the whole body and the genitals are massaged and stimulated. With ladies who offer this service, you may assume that they are experienced in this and have received the proper training.

A naughty night out

a naughty night out involves having fun in public, in particular being very sexy and not wearing very much. It is not just about wearing sexy clothes, but also the idea that, for example, the woman is not wearing knickers under her skirt. Please bear in mind with this, that the lady must be wearing enough to avoid the risk of getting into trouble as a public nuisance.

Visiting a swingers' club

This is a visit to a swingers' club with and escort lady. Please bear in mind with this that only the customer is allowed to be intimate with the escort lady. If the customer wants the lady to be intimate with another gentleman or lady, then this must be agreed with the lady in advance. The lady's fee for each further gentleman is 75%, erotic contact with a lady is 30%.


with bondage there is a distinction between active or passive. The active partner ties up the other person. For safety reasons, the escort ladies only offer bondage actively, i.e. the lady ties up the gentleman. If the lady is required to be the passive partner, then this is only available by special request, provided that the lady has already met the gentleman many times.

Duo date

with a duo date two escort ladies meet one gentleman. However both ladies only direct their attention at the gentleman!

Bisexual duo date

With a bisexual duo date the ladies give the gentleman pleasure and also enjoy giving each other pleasure.

Bookings with a handicap

also known as bookings with a disability. This involves dates where the customer has a disability. It is useful if this is arranged before a date with a lady to avoid an awkward situation when the first meeting happens.

Couple's visit

here a couple books an escort lady. The lady gives pleasure to both people. In this case the lady herself will decide if she would like a supplement of 30% added to the fee.


Two gentlemen book one lady. With this service the ladies make an extra charge of 75% of the fee for the second gentleman. The abbreviation is MMF (Mann Mann Frau in German).

Possible partner swap

If you and your colleague both book a lady, there is the option of swapping the respective partners. The fee for this is an additional 75% for each of the ladies.

A lady books an escort lady

Even women need to book an escort lady occasionally. The lady booking an escort can expect to become intimate with the escort lady.

Body paint, leather, latex

This involves clothing or lingerie made of the specified materials.

Holiday companion

This involves a booking of more than 24 hours. However it does not necessarily mean a holiday in the usual sense. This also includes accompaniment on business trips or leisure activities in the lady's home town.


This lady is a skier and the gentleman can invite her on the next skiing trip without any concerns. The gentleman can expect the lady to look good on the ski slope.





You can find what intimate services the lady offers on the 'Sedcard' under 'Intimes' (intimate services). Please bear in mind that these are intimate options. As an agency we are unable to accept any liability for these services.

The Sedcards, which the ladies have, refer to the services provided by the individual lady. Obviously, as a serious and reputable agency, it is in our interest that these accurately reflect the services available.